What is an Airstream Flag System?

The Patriot™, Fly All Flags' first Airstream Flag System to hit the market, includes a blower at its base for directing air up and out of the flag pole to fly the flag without any assistance needed from outdoor wind. For the first time ever, The Patriot™ can fly flags indoors or outdoors without wind.

Back to the question, the Airstream Flag System operates to fly flags both indoors or outdoors, without wind, very quietly and with superb flying perfection. From a trade show booth, exhibit, conference, banquet, wedding, sports or entertainment event, tailgating, birthday party, on and on and on and on, The Patriot becomes an instant asset. No matter what the environment, The Patriot™ finds itself to be a very fitting addition for garnishing attention and spreading awareness.

Can I fly a custom flag with my company logo on the Patriot?

Absolutely!  Simply provide your company logo in the checkout process and we'll ship your custom flag with your order.

Can I fly any flag on The Patriot™?

The Patriot™ is designed to fly a 2' x 3' flag.  For proper flight the flag is manufactured from specific materials and properties.  However, each order is included with a flag of your choosing whether that be your company logo, national/state flags or a custom design.  Simply email the file upon order completion to customerservice@flyallflags.com.

Is the Patriot powered by gasoline?

You'd be surprised, we've received this question a time or two.  No - The Patriot™ is powered from an electric blower motor and can be powered from any standard 120V electrical outlet. 

How long will it take me to receive my order?

New orders typically ship within 1-2 weeks.  Fly All Flags' shipping warehouse is located in Atlanta, Georgia.  We ship domestically with UPS and USPS Priority, with typical delivery time-frames of 5-10 business days.  Unfortunately, at this time, we do not ship individual international orders.  We are very excited to share our product with you, and our entire team works hard to make sure your Patriot™ is delivered promptly!

How tall is the Patriot?

Fully assembled, The Patriot™ is approximately 9.5 feet tall and weighs about 38 lbs. If the environment has ceiling heights less than 9.5 feet, please make note of the height requirements when placing an order as we'll be glad to accommodate you.


Still have questions?  Feel free to contact us here anytime.